“I wish we had more time for this.”

“For what?”

“Just talking with other teachers, seeing what is working, sharing ideas.”

Ever had this conversation? I’ve had it countless times. In fact, I had it again just last week.

Usually, my friends and I make this observation over a quick lunch, during a brief moment at the copier, or passing in the hallway as we hand-off a graphic organizer on the run.

But last week, the conversation was different. No. The person I was having the conversation was different. Someone I normally don’t talk to.  Someone unexpected. And I started to wonder if there are a lot of “unexpected” conversations waiting to happen around my school. Maybe they need a time. Maybe they need a place. Maybe they just need a starting point.

I’m pretty sure that the sky won’t open up tomorrow, dropping extra time in our laps,  allowing us to stand around having these much needed collaborations.  But, maybe we can begin them here. At the Corner can be the place. You can choose the time. And who knows what unexpected conversations we will have?


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  1. Kim T.

    Other countries have far more time devoted to teachers learning and sharing together. We need time too!

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