Celebrating New


I’m celebrating this week with Ruth Ayers and all of the other educators who make a difference in the lives of children every day.

Celebrating New

This week I wrote a poem. That’s new for me.  More to follow on this in a future post, but all I can say is that it was hard work.  My students are going to be writing poems to or about characters in their books, so I knew that I needed to try as well. I decided that I would write my poem to the title character of our most recent read aloud, Rump. After about an hour of redoes and start overs, I was somewhat happy with the result, and even got some very kind feedback from the author, Liesl Shurtliff.


I am also celebrating the launch of my class’s book review blog. Several students worked hard this week to write the first reviews that would be sent out into the online universe. We are excited about the response we’ve already gotten, and hoping that other Saturday celebrators will give us even more feedback with follows, comments, and shares!





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9 responses to “Celebrating New

  1. We love that you are trying the writing work your students are doing –it is so powerful for our students when we engage in the process with them. We loved your poem!
    Clare and Tammy

    • Thank you. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was to share my poetry with them. I will be writing about this in a future post when my students finish their own poetry projects.

  2. You certainly set a good example to your students with this poem. I hope that besides hard work you and your students will have fun writing poetry.

    • Yes, some are more excited than others, but working with our characters and books gives us a place to start instead of starting from nothing. Thanks!

  3. Great work writing to Rump. I haven’t read the book,yet, but I can see so much in your poem. What a wonderful way to weave poetry into your student’s world.

    • Thank you. Poetry seemed less scary to me if I was taking the ideas from a book and character. I didn’t feel like I was completely starting from scratch then. Very excited to see my ss poems unfolding.

  4. Fantastic work this week! I love that the students are blogging! It’s a goal of mine, but haven’t gotten there yet 🙂 I love the poem! I just finished the book since I was meeting Liesl, you put so many great parts into your poem!

    • Isn’t she wonderful? She skyped with my class on WRAD and was so gracious. Can’t wait for her next two books, and neither can my students. Thank you for reading.

  5. I love your poem! I especially like how you have the word “spinning” written in a circle. I haven’t read the book yet but it’s been on my radar for a while. This makes it sound so magical and definitely makes me want to read it! Thanks for sharing!

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