A Poem for You

Good friends
are a bowl of soup
Reaching places
you didn’t know
needed warming
Good friends
are jelly beans
The flavor you look for first
The one you save 
for last
Good friends
are your morning coffee
They make you better
Keep your secrets
And help you live your story
~j brittin


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11 responses to “A Poem for You

  1. darlasalay

    Gave me “goosebumps!” Just love this!

  2. Taylor

    “And help you live your story” Love this!

  3. Oh, this was the most delightful way to end Poetry Month! Thank you for sharing you words: soup, jellybeans, coffee. Yes. These three metaphors for friendship are spot on, and I’m bringing this to share with some writing friends this weekend. Simply beautiful!

  4. Linda Byrnes

    So inspiring…you are amazing!

  5. And, like food, sustain us. “The flavor you look for first” is exactly right! Thanks for sharing your lovely poem.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I had a good friend who inspired this poem by bringing me soup yesterday when I was cold and tired. My students tried writing their own this morning, and I am excited to share them in an upcoming post.

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