A Celebration of Summer Reading


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It’s summer! Actually, no. That’s the feeling in my classroom, though, despite the calendar reminding us that there are still two more weeks left in our school year. It’s no surprise that I am drowning in end of the year paper work. (Haven’t seen the actual surface of my desk in weeks.)  And teachers everywhere will give a knowing nod when I admit that I am in full-on dog and pony show mode to keep my students engaged and on task.  My June is the same as most  teachers’, so forgive me when I take a second to say WAAAAAAAA!

As you can imagine, writing this post is very important for me right now.  After a week like this one, and preparing for two more of the same, I need a little celebration to keep the pep in my step for the final stretch.

Paying it Forward

Thanks to many generous donations from individuals and families in our small community, our World Read Aloud Day book drive was a huge success. Back in March, we asked every student and faculty member to donate at least one book to promote literacy in our community. After weeks of organizing books, we were able to host a “shopping” day this week for students who might have difficulty affording or accessing summer reading materials. Students were thrilled with their selections and very surprised when they were told that they could actually keep the books they chose. An added bonus was the inclusion of $1000.00 dollars of brand new books purchased from Scholastic through the combined efforts of a student coin drive and our generous Home and School Association.


Thanks to HH&SA for matching our coin drive funds to purchase $1000 dollars of new books for our students to read over the summer.


Setting Goals

Every year in early June our school has a summer reading goal setting day. Students confer with peers and teachers to set individual reading goals for the summer months.  Every teacher puts their own spin on the surrounding activities, but in the end, every students leaves with a reading plan.  This year, I decided to have my students spend the morning creating Animoto videos that showcased these goals. Seriously, so easy, so much fun, and so so worth our time.  After we were done, we sat back to take a look at some of our newly created masterpieces. And when I said we would have to watch the rest of the final videos on Monday due to time constraints, I had one angry mob on my hands.  The links to some of our videos are below.  I hope that you have had some time to think about your summer reading. If not, I’m sure my students would be happy to make some recommendations.

Summer Reading Video #1

Summer Reading Video #2

Summer Reading Video #3




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5 responses to “A Celebration of Summer Reading

  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas! I love that your school puts so much time and effort into summer reading! How important, although not frequently done! Kudos 🙂

  2. This is a fabulous idea! What a great way to keep them engaged and set goals in one fun project. We have 8 days left and I can totally relate to everything you shared. Thanks for the idea, I may need to borrow it next year.

  3. Love the idea of a school wide summer reading goal setting day. I love animoto but for now our school doesn’t have the bandwidth (yet) to handle it. I’m going to share these fantastic videos with my students on our blog (school ended Thursday for us)! Thanks Jen for these gems

  4. Your have awesome reading celebrations. Hopefully they have given you the energy and joy boost so needed for the last few weeks of school.

  5. Your World Read Aloud book drive is a fabulous way for children to share their love of reading with others. Congratulations on such a successful effort. I love your students’ videos. I’m sure they had a lot of fun making them. It is quite a unique way of recording reading goals.

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