A New Chapter and An Old Favorite

After teaching fourth grade for the past twelve years I have accepted the K-5 Teacher of Media and Library position at my school.  Yes. I did. Deep breaths.

This new chapter that is about to start has me doing spontaneous happy dances around my kitchen each day for several reasons:

1. I love books.  I read them. I write about them. I talk about them. I share them. All the time.

2.  This is most certainly my dream job.

3. The library program at our school is making a comeback, and I get to be a big part of that.

4. I am anticipating all of these moments of matching the perfect book with its perfect reader ( picture student lovingly holding book with harp music playing in the background).


This new chapter of my life also has me breathing into a paper bag with my head between my knees (not more than once a week), because…

1. I know how to teach fourth grade.  I was a good fourth grade teacher. My reputation as a librarian is, well, non-existent and unproven.

2. This is most definitely my dream job. What if I’m no good at my dream job!? That would stink as far as dream jobs go.

3. The library program needs to make a comeback, and I have to be the one to do it (see what I did there?)!

Well, the excitement definitely outweighs the nervousness, and I have already jumped into more books than I can handle in preparation for my new position.  I currently have 26 check outs and nine holds at my library. I spent $100 in Barnes and Nobles gift cards in record breaking time a few weeks ago, and I have a dangerously full cart on my Amazon account right now.

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite summer reads soon, most of which are 2014 releases.  But I wanted to honor one of my first favorites. A favorite I eagerly checked out again and again from my local library. A favorite that I shared with my four year old for the first time this week.  And when I was done reading, she simply opened back to the first page and said, Read it again.


Here’s hoping that many many books that leave our school libraries have the same happy ending.




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3 responses to “A New Chapter and An Old Favorite

  1. Michele Bauers

    I was wondering what ‘a new job for the fall’ meant in your last post! Of course I wish you the best and just know you will give 110% of yourself! There is no doubt in my mind that you are the PERFECT person to inspire the children in our school system to read and read often! And not just because they HAVE too, but because they WANT to! Best of luck to you……enjoy your dream job!

  2. Michele Bauers


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